~The Market offers showroom options perfect for any entrepreneur who wants to open their own shop, without some of the massive overhead costs of starting a business.





















~To learn more about how you can become a retailer at The Market, please fill out the form below.

Open seven days a week, the employees make sure everything runs smoothly at the store for

you. Everything from customer service,

accepting shipments and deliveries, handling

custom orders from shoppers, complimentary

gift wrap, and more. It truly is the easiest form

of retail! The Market has even been a great

option for second locations, traveling companies,

and groups transitioning from

wholesale to retail.

The Market has over 100 showrooms in 25,000

square feet of upscale home interiors, furniture,

antiques, art, and lighting. Locally made items,

gifts, baby needs, women's clothing and

accessories. The Market takes pride in the wide

selection of retail styles, and is always looking to

expand. With the rapidly growing trend of buying local goods, business has never been better for the retailers in store!

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